Turn your station into a plus radio

Personalized radio

Your listeners enjoy their favorite program and choose the music themselves.

While everyone is listening to the same show, one person is listening to a current hit, while the neighbors are listening to a cult 80s and friends are listening to a rock hit.

Swap music in real time

The Radio Creator Replacer exchanges individual music titles in the live stream of your simulcast. This automatically creates several internet radio stations: one with more 80s, one with more 90s, one with additional chart hits or rock songs or with any other format you want.

All radio streams have the same content (news, service, moderation, interviews...)
Only the music is different.

Reach additional taste target groups with your most important program.

Replace ad breaks

Sometimes it can be helpflul to replace your fm ad breaks in your simulcast stream. Instead of the long fm advertising block, you can inject personalized spots into the stream. The replacer will do that job for you. It replaces the ad breaks with music. No matter how long the commercial break is - the replacer takes care of the delay.

The benefit for your audience: Less but more appropriate spots.

Your new plus channels

The content that your target audience loves and keeps them connected to the program is preserved. Only the music is different in each plus channel. For your audience, this means enjoying their favorite content along with their favorite music. You can even replace ads.

Click through the hour clocks…

Radio-Stundenuhr: Beispiel Simulcast
Radio-Stundenuhr: Beispiel Plus Charts Kanal
Radio-Stundenuhr: Beispiel Plus Rock Kanal

Happy audience

Happy listeners

The system has been in use at HIT RADIO FFH, planet radio, 80s-radio harmony and many more european radio stations for years. Listeners are enthusiastic:

Being able to spice up the current radio playlist with your own taste is a great idea.


Compliments for this great idea! Now I can enjoy the music from my favorite decade and still get everything important from the main program.


Actually, I think your program is as good as it is on real radio. But I still think the idea is great, because you never meet everyone's taste 100%.


Hey, that's the greatest idea ever! Team guitar and still with the latest news and articles. Rock on!


Excellent! That's exactly what I was waiting for.


Focus on the essentials

Happy team

Runs fully automatically

Once set up, the Radio Creator Replacer does its job on its own. Your radio team can focus on their work. No pre-production is necessary - the music planning for the replacement tracks is fully automated.

In inaudible transitions, the Radio Creator exchanges individual titles and adds droppers and jingles to match the musical context. The result is a perfect music mix.

More listening time - more reach

Satisfied listeners listen longer. Up to eight titles per hour are exchanged.

Adjust your program optimally to the needs of your target groups.

Radio Creator: Zufriedene Hörer hören länger

Smart Speakers & Co.

Works everywhere

You don't need any special devices or apps to listen to plus programs.

The streams generated by Radio Creator are available everywhere: in radio apps, via smart speakers, sound systems and in all internet radio devices.

Click on a picture and listen...

Antenne Kärnten +ROCK

Antenne Kärnten with more rock hits.

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Antenne Kärnten +CHARTS

Antenne Kärnten with more current hits from the charts.

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Antenne Kärnten +80er/90er

Antenne Kärnten with more hits from the 80s and 90s.

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Antenne Steiermark +CHARTS

Antenne Steiermark with more current hits from the charts.

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Antenne Steiermark +80er/90er

Antenne Steiermark with more from the 80s and 90s.

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Antenne Steiermark +ROCK

Antenne Steiermark with more rock hits.

Read more …


The popular program from BB RADIO, now with even more Christmas songs.

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The daily BB RADIO program with the PLUS of the 90s.

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The daily BB RADIO program with the PLUS of the 80s.

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kronehit with extra fresh

Kronehit with an extra portion of fresh hits.

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kronehit with extra eurodance

Kronehit and even more hits from the Eurodance era.

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kronehit with extra greatest hits

The live program from Kronehit. In the stream, many songs are replaced by greatest hits.

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planet +heartbreak

what you love about planet radio and more, get planet here plus more heartbreak songs.

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planet +liebe

what you love about planet radio and more: here you get planet with an extra portion of love songs.

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planet +power

what you love about planet radio and more: here's planet with extra beats.

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planet +fun

what you love about planet radio and more: here you get planet and feelgood songs on top.

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RTL +Rock

In the live program of RTL Luxembourg, the Radio Creator replaces the music titles with rock classics.

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RTL +90s

Radio RTL Luxembourg broadcasts news, service and reports in Luxembourgish. The live program with additional hits from the 90s...

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RTL +80s

The classic program from RTL Luxemburg with more hits from the 80s.

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FFH+ 80er bei Alexa

FFH+ 80s

Whitney Houston / How Will I Know, Alphaville / Forever Young, J. Geils Band / Centerfold. The kids of the 80s have this sound in their ears. There's a lot of that on FFH+ 80s.

"Alexa, open FFH und play plus 80s!"

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Antenne Vorarlberg PLUS new hits

Antenne Vorarlberg already has a very up-to-date program. Now there are even more hand-picked, brand new hits.

Internet radio PLUS new hits.

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Antenne Vorarlberg PLUS 80s 90s

In the Ländle, the people of Vorarlberg can indulge in memories from two cult decades. There's even more 80s and 90s to listen to with the live program.

PLUS 80s 90s in the station app.

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harmony.fm plus 70er auf dem Smartphone

harmony +70s

The Commodores are just as much at home here as Dr. Hook or the Les Humphries Singers. Earth, Wind & Fire and the Rubettes ensure a good mood.  Mixed with the 80s from harmony.fm

harmony +70s on the smartphone.

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harmony.fm plus 90er auf einem Tablet

harmony +90s

harmony.fm is the 80s radio. If you also like the sound of the 90s, you've come to the right place with harmony +90s. Atomic Kitten, Boyzone, Falco and Sasha also sing here.

harmony +90s on the tablet.

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FFH+ Weihnachten über Chromecast auf den Fernseher

FFH+ Christmas

From the end of November, FFH+ CHRISTMAS is listened most: Celine Dion, Sarah Connor, John Lennon or Michael Bublé sing the most beautiful Christmas carols.

FFH+ CHRISTMAS on Chromecast.

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FFH+ Charts in der Smartphone-App

FFH+ Charts

While HIT RADIO FFH plays a broad mix from the 80s to today, FFH+ CHARTS focuses on current hits: Doja Cat, Dua Lipa and Ed Sheeran are happy guests here.

FFH+ CHARTS in the FFH app.

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FFH+ Rock auf dem Smartphone

FFH+ Rock

Don't miss anything from the FFH program and hear even more guitar sounds - that's FFH+ ROCK: Van Halen, Nickelback, AC/DC and the Stones.

FFH+ ROCK on your smartphone.

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FFH+ 90er im Autoradio

FFH+ 90s

Everything you love about FFH - plus even more hist from the 90s: TLC / No Scrubs, Spice Girls / Wannabe or Bon Jovi / Bed Of Roses...

FFH+ 90s in the car radio.

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Who is behind it

About us

We are a team of radio producers, moderators, music editors and software developers.

On Air Team

The studio team has set the boundary conditions: “Our work must not be impaired. We need to focus on the broadcast process, our listeners and the content. The best thing to do is build a black box that no one will notice and does everything on its own.”

Music enthusiasts & nerds

The music editors brought in their many years of experience in music planning and the programming team built the black box labeled "Simulcast Replacer" in 2019. Since then, the system has been running uninterrupted at HIT RADIO FFH and harmony.fm

Many european broadcasters are already using Radio Creator.
That's why we brought the black box to the cloud and can now also turn your radio program into a plus radio.


How is the plus program synchronized with the simulcast? Why don't titles have to be faded ahead of time? Does this also work with our program?

We are happy to answer all questions and set up a test run.