Radio Creator Playout

Simply good internet radios

Simplify workflows

The Radio Creator Playout helps you and your team to produce a larger number of high-quality internet radio stations with little effort.

The radio automation software takes care of all standard tasks. The editors focus on music selection and content creation.

Smart playlists

The choice is yours: either simply play the playlists from your music planning system.

Or shift your work to the cloud and use the intelligent playlists in Radio Creator. Upload a music pool and define the planning rules - that's all.

The Radio Creator produces your web channels fully automatically.

Dynamic Content

The content can also be planned automatically. The Radio Creator Playout acts like a radio DJ: It places a moderation on the ramp of the song, if the ramp is too short, it adds a talk over bed and finally places a jingle.

Articles, interviews, promos or news can also be dynamically inserted into the perfect mix.

Create communities

Interactive Radio

Involve users

Create listener loyalty by involving your audience in the program. The Radio Creator Playout can handle many external signals. For example user votes.

The music planning reacts to the current voting results - content and jingles are adapted to the newly created playlists.

Live Voting

The internet radio channels FFH TOP 40, FFH TOP 1000 and planet livecharts, for example, are produced with the system.

A special feature is the channel FFH LEIDER GEIL: Two music titles compete against each other. The song with the most votes is then played.

Smart Jingles

The jingles are smartly assembled from individual building blocks like intros, voice parts and outros.

FFH LEIDER GEIL can thus draw from thousands of possible combinations of the station voice.


Without obligation we would be happy to show you the playout system, the intelligent playlists and the smart dropper planning.