Radio Creator Recommender

Radio Recommendation System

Personal recommendations

Many stations now produce dozens of internet radio channels. Help your listeners quickly discover the playlists that suit them best.

For streaming services, shopping portals and websites, personalization is crucial for success.

With the Radio Creator Recommender you can offer this smart function to your audience.

Radio stations that match one's own taste in music are tuned in more often and for longer periods of time.

Automatic categorization

The basis for a good recommendation system is the metadata. The Radio Creator Recommender does not require any time-consuming genre classifications from music editors. This data is usually only available for the simulcast and not for thousands of songs in internet channels.

The Radio Creator Recommender automatically extracts the necessary information from the audio files by using music information retrieval techniques and calculates an individual recommendation list for each listener.

For you

You might like this playlist

Discover instead of search

A wide range of music playlists are more fun if you can find your way around them quickly.

Create an emotional world of music for your audience in which the right playlists are offered easily.

Discover new favorite radios - instead of searching for a long time.

Emotional world of music

The Radio Creator Recommender is used in planet radios world of music.

There you can try the recommendation system in live operation: Visit planet radios world of music.

The areas „für dich empfohlen“ and „schon gehört?“ are populated by the recommender. Give a few music tracks a thumbs up. The first recommendations already appear after a quarter of an hour.


How can the recommender be used at our station? Where does the data come from? How exactly does it work?

We're happy to answer all your questions.